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How Royston Drenthe quit football at only 29 years old

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How Royston Drenthe quit football at only 29 years old

There are very few players who leave football under the age of 30, but Royston Drenthe, born in Rotterdam in 1987, has done so.

Ten years ago, he had managed to sign for Real Madrid after being selected the best player at the U21 European Championship.

The life of Drenthe has been full of vicissitudes and may resemble a book that he reads with weaving.

In fact, he now reaches 30 years and has decided to write an autobiography. The former midfielder has decided to tell his story for Marca.

“Do you know that my dad died when I was only three years old? They killed him on the road. My mother hid from me this fact for a while to protect me. She told me it was an accident, but it was really something else, “Drenthe’s story begins.

“It seems a good time to write an autobiography. I left football at the age of 30, but I’ve experienced more than anyone who can live 200 years. My story will start for the story of my mother. It will be the first time I open and talk about it. It’s hard. ”

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Royston Drenthe with U21 Netherlands /Getty Images

“It has not been easy, of course. My mother wanted to protect me, she did not want me to leave because I was a kid. She protected me and I was not afraid or weak. ”

“I heard things out of the way, but she always told me it was not like that. She wanted to protect me because I was from Rotterdam, and the streets of Rotterdam are difficult. I’ve been a man since I was younger, I had to fight hard. ”

“I had good moments and bad moments. I do not look back with repentance. Could I have a better career? Yes. In this life you have to continue to live “.

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Royston Drenthe with Real Madrid /Getty Images

Drenthe shows the day when he decided to end the football.

“Because I was not happy. I was tired, depressed, hopeless … did not make me happy that I played professional football. I do not like this world. Bad things have happened to me. I was playing in the Emirates and said a moment. Enough, I can not do it anymore.

“I had problems with agents, with people who wanted to be close to me. I do not want to give names, but in football there are many people who are not honest, “Drenthe said in a part of the interview.

He remembers the time he played with great stars like Casillas, Raul, Guti and Cannavro.

“It was a good time at Real Madrid after playing with players such as Fabio Cannavaro, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Ramos, Marcelo, Raul, Guti, Sneijder, Iker Casillas … players who are legends. I also played with Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema … a dream come true to play with them. ”

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Drenthe with Karim Benzema, Raul Gonzalez and Kaka /Getty Images)

The Dutchman shows the time when he had a fierce controversy with Jose Mourinho after he was asked to leave Real Madrid.

“Look at Real Madrid. With [Bernd] Schuster had good relationships. Problems began with [Jose] Mourinho, he made me leave Real Madrid. I had a very serious debate since I’m not happy with what he did to me. ”

“In 2010 before the start of the season I worked hard. I was very focused. Marcelo was injured and I expected to play regularly. And suddenly on the last day of the transfer window he invites me to talk and asks me to leave. I had 24 hours to choose a new squad. He claimed that the decision was taken by Jorge Valdano. I went on loan to Hercules, “says Drenthe.

Today, the charming midfielder is 30, with five children, four girls and one boy.

During his career he has had teams like Feyenoord, Real Madrid, Hercules, Everton, Alania Vladikavkaz, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday, Kayseri Erciyesspor and Baniyas.

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